Legal Information Innovative Start-Up

KERFILTER srl – data updated to August 2018 and related to the first year of activity


Tax code and registration number: 11819930014 – Turin Companies Register

Registration date: 19/12/2017

Established at Notaio Paolo Osella, notarial district of Turin and Pinerolo

Address: Piazza IV Martiri n. 20 Carmagnola, Italy

Registered in the ordinary section on 06/12/2017

Registered in the special section as an INNOVATIVE START-UP on 13/06/2018

Date of incorporation: 06/12/2017

b) Legal headquarters

Via S.Francesco di Sales 56, Carmagnola (To), Italy


Via Riva 26/19, Buttigliera d’Asti (AT), Italy

Production site:

Via Riva 26/19, Buttigliera d’Asti (AT), Italy

c) Company Objects:

The main object of the company is the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value and, more specifically: the development, production and marketing of systems aimed at preventing and managing the environmental contamination; the development, production and marketing of innovative water treatment systems such as, for example, natural-based systems able to guarantee the filtration of water contaminated with metals (see arsenic and hexavalent chromium) and reduce by 98% (ninety-eight percent) the contamination in the laboratory; the development, production and marketing of innovative systems for the safety of operators who come into contact with chemical products dispersed in the environment (see formaldehyde and similar substances) such as, for example, mask systems made of natural material capable of retaining contaminants based on aldehyde and therefore reduce inhalation by operators; the development, production and marketing of systems for agricultural production; the development, production and marketing of liquid filtration systems with particular reference to water. Secondly, the company has as its object the following activities: development of activities in collaboration with third parties, public or private, for the development of specific projects; purchase of securities and shareholdings; the purchase, sale, exchange, management, leasing and administration of real estate and / or real rights in real estate of any nature, as well as real estate consultancy. The company may also carry out, for the sole purpose of achieving the corporate purpose and as an instrumental and non-prevalent activity, any movable, real estate, commercial and credit, lease and mortgage operation deemed useful or necessary, participate in community programs of any kind, take shares or interests in companies in Italy or abroad having the same or a similar object, as well as acquire trademarks and production licenses, to guarantee the obligations of others, provide sureties, guarantees, mortgages and other personal and real guarantees in favor of institutions, banks, natural and legal persons or third parties, but not of the general public.

d) Activity:
KERFILTER srl intends to develop air filters for aldehydes and a wool-based biological filter for the adsorption of total chromium and hexavalent chromium present in water intended for human consumption. It supports an artificial intelligence research project aimed at the biometric recognition of patients. In the healthcare sector, it is developing a system for the safe transport of biological samples between healthcare and hospital facilities.
In 2018, it has invested 100.000 € in research and development.

e) Shareholders:

Adriano Zavatti _ 25%

Daniele Tartaro_ 29%

Raffaella Colella_ 5%

Claudio Rupolo_10%

Maurizio Maletti_3%

Alberto Rosso_3%

Villabella srl_25%

f) Affiliate companies

KERFILTER srl does not hold shares in other companies.

g) Qualifications and experience of the shareholders

Engineer Umberto Giliberti (legal representative of Villabella srl); degree in aeronautical engineering, former administrative director at the Tor Vergata Hospital; entrepreneur in the healthcare sector.

Mr. Maurizio Maletti; scientific diploma, Designer and Project Manager.

Mr. Daniele Tartaro; professional diploma, former CEO in the services and production sector.

Mr. Alberto Rosso; scientific diploma, entrepreneur in the mechanical engineering sector.

Mr. Adriano Zavatti; degree in chemistry, former director of ARPA Emilia Romagna.

Mrs. Raffaella Colella; professional diploma, Administrative Body in other companies.

Mr. Claudio Rupolo; former entrepreneur in the construction sector.

h) Collaborations

Research collaboration with the University of Turin.

i) Financial statement

Business registration certificate: Visura Camerale.PDF

The first financial year ended in 2018 and will be deposited within the first half of 2019.

l) Privacy rights on intellectual and industrial properties

Patent 01:
Production and process of a filter against V.O.C., formaldehyde in particular

Patent 02:
Production and process of a filter made of natural material

Patent 03:
Biopsy container