Safe containers for biopsy specimens

Biopker® is a container for biopsy specimens that guarantees protection for users against hazardous formaldehyde vapors.
Fix and reserve the specimen without exposure to hazardous formaldehyde vapors. It’s composed of two parts: the upper part contains formalin and the transparent container is used to accommodate the specimen. 

“Controllable Releasing System”

After removing the protection cap by simply
pressing the pump, users can activate the release of formalin into the
specimen container without getting into direct
or indirect (vapors) contact with it.

Anti-reflux system
Thanks to its special design, neither formalin
nor the specimen runs the risk of returning back
to the other chamber in any circumstances.

How to use Biopker 10ml, 20ml, 30ml

How to use Biopker 10ml+10ml, 15ml+15ml